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My name is Colleen Cuff and I am the President of
KNOCC, INC Personalized Payroll & Bookkeeping Services.
I started KNOCC, INC from my home in 1998, so that I could assist with the family income, yet still be at home for my children.  As my children have grown so has the business.  KNOCC, is now incorporated, I have hired additional bookkeepers and we have moved into an office outside of my home.  I take a great deal of pride in making personal relationships with each and every one of our clients.  I have been told that this personal touch has played a large role in the earning of trust and respect from those clients that we do business with.  A testament of this trust has been shown by the amount of prospective leads I have received directly from my current clients.  I am very proud to be the founder and president of KNOCC, INC a personalized payroll and bookkeeping service here to support you.

Phone: (630) 357-6572
Fax: (630)357-1513